A Prescription for Outdoor Fun is Good for Everyone

Kids today spend much less time outside that their parents did while growing up. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and other outdoor advocates like Let’s Move Outside, agree that it is time to reconnect children to nature. Experts agree that spending time outdoors works wonders for kids by relieving stress and promoting imaginative play.  As further proof that there are great benefits to outdoor time, the AMC just launched a new program that is getting kids and their families excited about being active outdoors. Outdoors Rx allows health care professionals to prescribe outdoor activity to children who could benefit from getting a little more fresh air and movement during their day. The truth is that we could all benefit from making time to enjoy nature and playing outside with our families, especially during the beautiful fall weather we are enjoying in the Boston area now.

Write your own informal prescription for time outside and get set to go on a family adventure in Boston’s great outdoors with resources here or get inspired by AMC’s expert tips for 10 outdoor activities your kids will love. A great place to start is with a walk in the park or on a path in the woods nearest your home. While you walk, take a closer look at the plants that are growing and the animals that you notice.  If you make it a game, the kids will want to play, too. See who can “collect” 5 different types of trees or who hears 3 different bird calls first. Pretty soon, outdoor time could become the kids’ favorite time of the day and maybe even yours, too.

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