Active play is not just for kids

Make some room, kids. Now is play time for adults, too! Having fun and looking silly doing it can help adults have a more active lifestyle.

Looking silly can be one of the most enjoyable parts of throwing all of our energy and focus into moving for the fun of it. If the First Lady can dance to her own beat on national television, so can all adults. The secret to becoming committed to regular exercise is to get moving in a way that makes you sweat while smiling. If it’s not fun, who wants to go to the effort?

Opportunities to run, jump, bounce, and spin are all around. Take a look around for the movement that will be the most fun for your body and mind. You might be surprised by all the options you discover. If you need a little inspiration, try one of our favorite ways to get moving without being shy:

  • dance to your own beat (zumba, hip-hop, salsa, swing, etc.)
  • take a fun exercise class with other adults (anything works as long as you are in good company)
  • make plans to learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to practice but that may have made you nervous to try
  • jump and flip on the trampoline
  • try a workout with a theme (e.g. Harry Potter Quidditch Workout)
  • play an “Exergame,” an interactive videogame like “Just Dance” for WiiFit

Kids have it right. No matter how you decide to move, thinking of exercise as play will help pass the time and keep adults coming back for more.

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