Boston winter walking tour

With all this snow and cold, we can forget how beautiful Boston is in the winter. It’s easy to give up and just stay indoors, but sometimes going outside is exactly what you need to shake your winter blues.

A winter walking tour of Boston is a fantastic family activity for the weekend! Not only does walking lift your mood, it’s also great for your health. Give this suggested winter walking tour a try, or make up your own. Check out the pretty wintry sights, play in the snow, and get your blood flowing! Make sure to layer up with these tips for staying warm and dry. You can even bring a thermos of homemade, healthier egg nog for when you get a little chilly. Don’t let winter keep you down!

blog2Route Length: About 2.5 miles

Challenge Level: Very easy, mostly flat with a couple of gentle slopes


(Images courtesy of Google Maps and

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