May is National Bike Month!

Put on your helmets and get ready to ride for National Bike Month!

Biking is a fun way to get active as a family and explore your neighborhood or city, while saving money on transportation – not to mention it is great for the environment! Knowing how to ride a bicycle is also an important skill that kids will keep with them for the rest of their lives.

If you or your child is not already a biker, here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Find a bike. If you don’t own a bicycle already, there are several places you can look for inexpensive or free bicycles. First, Bikes Not Bombs has several programs that allow youth to earn bicycles through classes or work experiences. For those 17 years and older, see if you qualify to receive a $5 Hubway membership for Boston’s bike share program for a year! Get your subsidized membership code by calling 617-918-4458, or 617-534-5690 for non-English speakers.
  2. Get a helmet. Make sure no one in your family gets on a bike without a helmet. Wearing a helmet is not only important for preventing injury when biking – it is actually required by Massachusetts law for those under the age of 17. If you qualify for the $5 Hubway program, you will receive a free helmet as part of your membership! Otherwise, call 617-355-5941 to see whether you qualify for a free helmet from Boston Children’s Hospital.
  3. Brush up on bicycle safety. Learn the traffic rules that apply to bicyclists in Boston. Follow these 5 rules of bicycle safety to avoid injuries and make sure your helmet fits properly. Biking is a great way for the whole family to be active together, but make sure to teach kids to bike safely before heading out on your bikes.
  4. Map your route. Boston provides a detailed bike map that can help you find bike-friendly routes around the city. Make sure to start with the beginner routes (in green), especially if you have a child riding with you. The map even shows where to find bike shops in case your bike needs a repair or tune- up.
  5. Explore! You can travel much farther on a bike than you can on foot. Use your bicycle to take you to new places in Boston or to run errands around your neighborhood.

Take a photo of your family biking and upload it to our Facebook page to celebrate National Bike Month!

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