Celebrate Worldwide Day of Play This Weekend

Have you heard about the World Wide Day of Play? On September 24, Nickelodeon will turn off all programming to encourage kids to enjoy some playtime! As a parent, you know how important it is to keep your kids active and healthy. So here are a few ways your family can join the fun and enjoy playtime together this weekend—or any weekend

If you are indoors:

o   Clear some space and play some family-friendly games like musical chairs, Simon says, or Twister
o   Have a dance-off! Put your family’s favorite tunes on the radio and dance in the living room.

If you’re outdoors:

o   Make up a fall scavenger hunt for the family. Each family member can find different colored leaves, pine-cones, rocks, and other items as you walk through your neighborhood or park.
o Visit your local park and get playing! Play with the kids on jungle gyms, push them in the swings, or build a castle in the sandbox. Take the kids to Malcolm X Park or Johnson Playground.
o Pack a picnic and bring a ball for some fun outdoors. Check out Arnold Arboretum for some open space.
o Take the family for a FREE walking tour of Jamaica Pond on Saturdays at 11 a.m.

Fore more ideas, see our lists for Indoor Fun and Outdoor Fun!

How will your family celebrate the Worldwide Day of Play? Share your ideas with other families by leaving a comment below!

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