Let’s Move Active Schools Newsflash

The First Lady is celebrating another special anniversary of one of her great initiatives to get American children up and active through her Let’s Move! campaign. Over the past year, Let’s Move Active Schools has inspired 10,000 schools across the U.S. to mobilize over 5 million students to be active during the school day. This initiative supports teachers, parents, and community leaders to become school champions and use free Active Schools materials like a customized action plan for bringing activity into the classroom. Parents can join in the movement here. You’ll find tools to check if your child’s school is already an Active School. Many Boston area schools are listed. If yours isn’t, that’s your opportunity to inspire the school to become an active learning environment and help your child’s peers move more. The initiative still has 4 years to reach its 2018 goal of making at least half of the U.S.’s schools active and reaching 25 million students. You as an adult can make a huge difference. But it’s not just adults who support the initiative. See what real schoolchildren have to say about the impact of Let’s Move Active Schools in this video. Active learning is fun for everyone!

(Image courtesy of General Mills)

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