Outdoor Activities for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate – it’s all about family, friends, and great food! But for parents, preparing for the big holiday feast can be stressful. It’s not easy with hungry and bored kids bouncing around!

If the weather’s good, send the kids outside to play. It’s a great way for them to build up their appetites! Try one of the Thanksgiving-themed activities below. Both these games are simple enough for kids to play without adult supervision or extra materials.

Turkey Waddle Relay Race

In this relay race variation, you need one inflatable ball or balloon per team. Set a starting point and midpoint. The first players of each team should step to the starting line and place the balloon between their legs. Each player must run to the midpoint and back without touching or losing their balloon. If the balloon falls during their time, they have to restart!

Once the first player arrives back to the start line, they should pass the balloon on to the next player in line. The first teams to have all players successfully finish win the race!  

Turkey Tag

This version of turkey tag has some arts and crafts, too! First, get the kids to make clothespin turkeys with clothespins, paint/markers, and construction paper. Each player makes 3 clothespin turkeys with their own special color. Once the turkeys are ready and decorated, it’s time to head outside and play!

Each player sticks their turkey pins to different parts of their clothes. The goal is to grab the other players’ turkey pins. Whoever gets all of their pins removed is out! The winner is the last player standing.

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