Indoor Activities for Thanksgiving Day!

Is the weather too chilly this Thanksgiving for any outdoors activities? Get the kids occupied with one of these games. We know how busy Thanksgiving can become, so we picked activities that require little adult supervision. The few materials needed are things you might already have at home, with minimal clean-up!

No Glue Turkey Puppets

This no-glue needed activity gets the kids to be creative! Using brown paper bags, tape, and construction paper, kids can make little turkey puppets. They can use these as decorations for the kids’ table. Or, ask them to put on an after-dinner puppet show for the family!

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Turkey Bowling

Turkey bowling is a good team game for a group of super-energetic kids. The older kids can help construct the turkey-styled bowling pins, using plastic cups, construction paper, and glue. For the bowling balls, use small balls like tennis balls; this family even used mini pumpkins!

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Turkey Feather Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt can keep the kids busy for hours! But scavenger hunts are complicated to organize and need a lot of preparation; we know you’re already too busy for that! Here’s a much simpler feather hunt that can keep the kids just as occupied. Scatter multicolored feathers around the house (be sure to count them beforehand!). Get the kids to hunt for them throughout the day. The child with the most feathers collected wins!

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