Track Your Physical Activity to Watch the Small Steps Add Up!

If you and your family,

  • want confirmation that you are doing a great service for your health by being more physically active…
  • need something to encourage you to keep up with the goals you set for yourself…
  • want to understand more about how much you move already without even realizing it…

Measuring your movement may motivate you to move more!

What is MORE? The guidelines for physical activity are different for kids than for adults. Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity (walking, running, playing) per day on most days of the week. Adults should strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days. If you already have a pedometer, then you know this means that kids should try to fit in roughly 12,000 steps per day and adults should aim for 8,500 steps or more. If you are not quite there yet, consider increasing your activity by a few minutes every week until you reach the recommended level of physical activity for your age. Focusing on SMART goals will set you up for success.

Ways to measure your success:

  • Free: Make a plan to move more and write down whether you follow it in a journal or online tracker. To set a goal and track your progress daily, try the USDA’s Physical Activity Super Tracker. To jumpstart your plan, initiatives like the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) 6-8 week challenge for kids and for adults can help provide structure and motivation, especially when fun awards are involved.
  • Cheap: Low-cost pedometers that clip onto the belt are often available through health insurance companies or even at local pharmacies. Pedometer applications are also available for your smartphone. Just remember to clip on the pedometer or start the app when you head out the door and watch how small steps add up!
  • Pricey: Gadgets like the FitBit and Nike+ Fuel Band are fun, fancy, adult pedometers with game-like features designed for you to set goals and interact with the tracking of your physical activity, nutrition and sleep. Go ahead and use the social feature to share your success with your friends and family through Facebook, etc. They will want to cheer you on!

What is PRICELESS is achieving your goal of a more active you and a healthier family!

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