Lemony turkey wrap

Wraps are great lunch items for kids because they’re easy to eat and transport. They’re also very easy and fun to make—and they’re a great way to use up leftovers so you don’t waste any food! We like the recipe below because it’s inspired by Middle Eastern flavors, but feel free to mix it up with whatever you have in your kitchen or fridge.

Total time: 15 minutes
Makes: 2 wraps
Good for: Lunch or dinner; half wraps also make great snacks


  • 2 multi-grain lavash or 8-inch tortillas
  • 2 tablespoons lemony hummus (or if you don’t like lemon, any flavor will do!)
  • 4 slices roasted or smoked turkey breast
  • 2 romaine lettuce leaves
  • 2 tomato slices
  • 2 slices cheddar cheese (or 2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese-or whatever kind of cheese you like best!)


  1. Lay out lavash or tortilla on a clean surface.
  2. Spread 1 tablespoon of hummus on each wrap and lay 2 slices of turkey in the center of the wrap
  3. Layer 1 romaine leaf, 1 tomato slice and 1 cheese slice on top and around turkey slices. You’ll want leave space at the top and bottom of the wrap
  4. Roll up each wrap*, then wrap with foil, wax paper, or parchment paper. Best if served right away.

*If you have a sandwich press or toaster oven, toast the wrap for 3-4 minutes before eating for a warm meal.

Note: To roll the wrap, fold an inch of the bottom over the filling. Then fold in the two sides, and roll the wrap away from you to finish.

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 1 wrap
318 calories, 15 g fat, 47 mg cholesterol, 1127 mg sodium, 28 g carbohydrate, 6.5 g fiber, 20 g protein

Recipe adapted from
Chop Chop
Photo courtesy of Chop Chop

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