5 Fun Beach Games

Summer is just beginning, so you know what that means… BEACH DAY! Here are five easy and cheap beach games to play with the whole family:

Water Bucket Relay: Give each child a plastic cup, spoon, or large shell and have them run to the water, fill up their carrying implement, and race to empty it in a bucket. First to fill the bucket wins.

Beach Volleyball: You don’t need a volleyball net to play! Bring a volleyball or beach ball, and draw a court in the sand using a stick or a rock. Try to count the number of times you can get the ball back and forth!

Bocce ball: Bocce is so simple for all ages to learn and to play. If you don’t have a bocci set, you can play with tennis balls instead. First, separate the balls into 2 groups of 4 or 6. Next, use a marker to draw on one set of balls to make sure you can tell the two sets apart. Then, to start the game, throw a recognizable object like a colored ball or shoe on the sand. This will be your target! Each player or teammate will take turns rolling a ball towards the target. After all the balls have been rolled, the player whose ball is closest to the target wins a point. Keep the game going for several rounds and tally the points up at the end.

Make a drip castle: Fill a bucket halfway up with sand, and fill the rest with water. Then grab a handful of wet sand and let it drip to the ground from your fingers. Keep dripping wet sand to build your masterpiece!

Shell Art: Walk along the beach to collect shells and rocks of all shapes and colors. Use the sand as a canvas, and arrange your newfound treasures into fun pictures.

Before you head to the beach, remember to take the time to pack what your family needs to stay healthy and hydrated in the hot weather. Prepare plenty of healthy snacks (try making our Fiesta Mix, Lemon Turkey Wraps or check out these snacks-on-the-go ideas); apply sunscreen on yourself and your kids in the morning and bring extra to reapply every couple of hours; and pack enough water bottles to keep hydrated and cool.

Looking for a beach near you?

Revere Beach, Revere. Take the Blue Line to Revere Beach or Wonderland Stations.

L Street and M Street Beach, South Boston. Take MBTA Bus 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11; limited street parking is also available.

Castle Island & Walk, South Boston. Take MBTA Route 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11; free public parking is also available.

Malibu, Savin Hill, and Tenean Beaches, Dorchester. Take the red line (Savin Hill T-stop) or MBTA Bus 6 or 18.

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