The Charles River is cleaner than ever!

Exciting news for the city of Boston was just released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): our beloved Charles River is cleaner than ever! They gave the river its highest ever grade (an A-) on the EPA clean water report card. This is something to celebrate because after 20 years of clean up efforts led by the EPA’s Clean Charles River Initiative, the water is now safe for boating 96% of the time and clean enough for swimming 70% of the time. That is a HUGE difference from the start of the clean up efforts when the water from the Charles was not safe for people to swim in because of contamination from city factories and sewers.

By feeling good about using the river for fun activities like swimming, kayaking, sailing, and more, we are getting back so much space to play within the city. There is nothing holding us back from enjoying the river with family and friends. So take advantage of the lingering, warm, summer weather and rent a low-cost kayak or canoe to explore your river your way. Or plan ahead to sign your young sailors up for the Junior Program held at Community Boating every summer. Scholarships are available for kids from low-income families to sail for just $1. So go ahead, set sail!


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