Two for One: Making Chores Fun!

“Do I have to?” are four words you may hear when asking your children to do their chores. Chores can be a point of disagreement between parents and their kids, so any way to build interest in completing such tasks, is welcome. So, what if chores were a part of your child’s weekly physical activity routine?

Chores are usually physical, but intentionally building in extra movements and game-like features, can add to your child’s goal of spending 60-minutes per day doing moderate to vigorous physical activity all while accomplishing their chores.

Here are a few fun ways to make chores fun with physical activity:

  • Grocery Lifts: When putting away groceries, pass any canned items or small jugs to your children to use as weights. Have them do 10 bicep curls on each arm before putting them away.
  • Shovel Relays: After shoveling a path, run back to the start of the path before starting to shovel the next path. If you have multiple children, have them switch off. Just be careful for any icy patches! Good for raking leaves, too.
  • Stretch Sweeping: Have your child use the broom as a stretching aide by having them hold it above their heads, stretching over to the right and left, lengthening the sides of their bodies.
  • Balanced Folding Clothes: When folding clothes, challenge your kids to balance on one foot for as many pieces of clothing as they can, switching feet when they lose balance. Each time they fold clothes, encourage them to increase the number of items of clothing they can balance for.

As there are so many hours in a day, it is important to build into our regular routines time for physical activity. Chores-time is a creative and fun way of being productive while also increasing the amount of physical activity your child is doing a day.

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