4 Tips for Healthy Breakfasts

During the busy school mornings, it’s easy to reach for sugary cereals, buttery pastries, and store-bought muffins. While these options are better than skipping breakfast, eating a nutritious and well-balanced meal will help fire up your child’s day. Healthier choices like overnight oats, and veggie-filled breakfast tacos fill your child up longer.

It’s hard enough getting the kids dressed and ready for school on time, much less whipping up full meals in the morning! But fear not! Here are some tips for a healthy and nutritious start to your child’s day – WITHOUT the additional hassle!

1) Prep the night before

There are plenty of healthy breakfast recipes you can prepare the night before. To start off, try these overnight pumpkin oats. You can also do the prep work for this raspberry beet smoothie the night before. Cut up all the ingredients and store it in your blender. All you need to do in the morning is press “blend!”

2) Add color to the meal

Colorful breakfasts are visually appealing, which is a definite plus! Different colors also indicate a wider variety of nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, focusing on color can help incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet – necessary for developing strong bodies and minds.

3) Include different food groups

Your child needs a little bit of everything to start the day. Each food group is an important addition, from protein for strength, carbs for energy, fruits and vegetables for vitamins, and even dairy and healthy fats. Options such as granola with raisins and apples, and Mediterranean fritatta incorporate ingredients from different food groups for well-balanced meals.

4) Keep it simple

As busy parents and caregivers, we know you’re on a time crunch! Healthy breakfasts don’t have to be elaborate – and shouldn’t be! There are plenty of simple yet nutritious choices, from veggie-packed breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast with eggs, and overnight oats with fruit and nuts that can make breakfast time easy.

No matter what tips and recipes you choose to implement, we hope this helps in making healthy breakfasts a key part of you and your child’s day!

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