Building Strong Bones For Life Starts in Childhood

Bone is living, growing tissue so it’s important to start building bone mass early so kids stay strong through adulthood. You may already know that drinking milk is a good way to get the calcium your child’s bones need, but there are many other ways – both through diet and exercise – to build strong, healthy bones.

Weight-bearing exercise helps to improve bone mineral density and prevents future breaks by stressing your bones and making them grow stronger. So what counts as weight-bearing exercise?

  • Start the day with five push-ups, and gradually increase the number as you get stronger
  • Head out for a hike on the weekend along one of Boston’s trails
  • Try a yoga class or a yoga DVD from the comfort of your home
  • Turn up the music and have a dance party in your living room
  • Use cans of soup or beans as hand weights and lift while you’re preparing dinner
  • Take a walk or jog together as a family after dinner

What your children eats also plays a key role in building strong bones for life.  Help your family to eat a diet that is rich in several key nutrients: magnesium, zinc vitamin D, and calcium. Follow these tips to get your children on the path to strong bones:

  • Use yogurt as a base for dipping sliced fruit or veggies for a boost of calcium
  • If your children drink juice, try 100% orange juice fortified with vitamin D and calcium
  • Mix nuts and seeds for a home-made trail mix that is rich in zinc
  • Use plenty of dark, leafy greens in salads; top with pinto or kidney beans for added magnesium

Follow Healthy Family Fun’s simple strategies for bone health and tell us your family’s favorite in the comments section below!

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