Easy and healthy school lunches for the new school year

One of the best ways to start a school year off right is with healthy school lunches. Healthy school lunches provide lots of benefits for students. When children have a good lunch, they are able to concentrate better in class and keep their energy up throughout the day. And eating a good lunch can prevent snacking in the afternoon! Packing healthy school lunches doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult and some small changes can make a big difference.

Try these tips!

  • Pack water instead of juice
  • Try the Bento box style of lunch, with a little bit of everything
  • Include real fruit instead of fruit cups
  • Make extra servings of dinner and pack leftovers the next day or two for lunch
  • Use whole wheat bread or wraps for sandwiches instead of white (or mix things up and try apple sandwiches!)
  • Pack Greek yogurt instead of pudding for a dessert

Need more ideas? Check out some more suggestions here and remember these tips for a healthy school year!


(Image courtesy of LiveStrong.com)

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