Good news!

You may have heard that New York City’s ban on the sale of giant sodas (16oz+) was struck down this week. The ban was intended to help New Yorkers avoid buying soda in large amounts because of the link between drinking sugary beverages regularly and gaining weight. But there is good news! Water has risen above soda in the ranks of Americans’ favorite beverages for the first time since the 1980’s. The recent popularity of water may be due to the current convenience of getting ahold of clean, affordable, great tasting water (from a bottle, a filter, or the tap). But no matter the reason, communities embracing water as the family-friendly, sugarless, no calorie source of hydration it is really gives us something to celebrate.

Whether your family drinks water regularly already or you are trying to make the shift now, get ready to stay hydrated during the warmer months ahead by ordering your FREE Healthy Family Fun water bottle(s) today. Get up to three per family so that everyone has a chance to celebrate America’s favorite drink in style!

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