Halloween is on the menu

Happy Halloween! Festive costumes, decorations, and parties that celebrate this holiday can be fun for all ages. But trick or treating gets a little spooky when you think about what goes into all that candy our kids collect. So take the fright out of the night by whipping up some more nutritious and perhaps even more delicious alternatives to those treats that have been tricking us:

  • Create some creepy crunchy candy alternatives! Try your hand at making a monster mouth like the ones featured in the image above this post. Just quarter your children’s favorite kind of apple, smear one side of each quarter with nut butter and line up some yogurt-covered raisins or skinned almonds along the bottom quarter to act as the chompers before laying the other quarter on top.
  • Pump up the pumpkin! Whether you drink it (sip a pumpkin pie smoothie), bake it (pop a pumpkin loaf with raisins and dried cherries into the oven), or crunch it (munch on some spicy jack-o-lantern seeds), your pumpkin treat will be festive, fun, and filling.
  • Batter up! Choose the sweetness of fresh corn instead of candy corn by flipping these sweet corn flapjacks onto your kids’ plates.
  • Mix it up! Bring the party to your house with a fiesta mix that family and friends can feel good about snacking on.

Enjoy a safe Halloween night filled with fun and food that makes you smile as brightly as a jack-o-lantern.


(Image Source: Daily Delights)

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