Pump up the Pumpkin

With Halloween on the horizon, pumpkins can be found all around us at pick-your-own pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, and restaurants. This wonderful, orange gourd is as fun to eat as it is to carve. Every serving of pumpkin contains lots of vitamin A for good vision and fiber to keep us full. But it turns out that not all pumpkin-flavored treats are created equal. Huffington Post’s most recent episode in its Unreal Eats video series takes a look into the ingredients of some delicious, but not so nutritious pumpkin treats to find out that they may actually be tricking us. Fall favorites like pumpkin spiced drinks may not actually contain ANY pumpkin at all, just pumpkin-flavored sugar.

By cooking with pumpkin at home, you can make sure that your family gets to enjoy treats packed with the real pumpkin they love. Recipe resources like ChopChop Magazine are great places to find kid-approved, pumpkin recipes that will do your body – as well as your pumpkin-craving taste buds – good this Halloween. There are so many ways for your family to enjoy pumpkins on Halloween and throughout the fall. You can,

Happy Halloween! Be sure to let us know what other spooktacular snacks your family comes up with on our Facebook page.

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