4 Hearty Baked Dishes for the Winter

The cold winter days are the perfect time to cook something hot and filling to fuel the family up. Casseroles and baked dinners are an easy option for hearty dinners. Baked dishes are also great for busy families; simply toss all the ingredients together in a pan and bake for the desired time.  Use these recipes as side dishes or main entrees!

Spinach and Corn Casserole

Warm your soul with this spinach and corn casserole. The ingredients are easy to find during the winter; the casserole is made with frozen spinach, green onions, and corn. Add some bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese for a crispy topping. This can also double as a yummy side for baked chicken or fish!

Crazy Curly Broccoli Bake

This delicious broccoli and pasta bake takes only 30 minutes to put together and cook. Mix together the broccoli cooked pasta with condensed cream of broccoli soup for a healthier pasta alternative. Take the leftovers to school or work for a filling lunch the next day.  It’s a good way to get in those green vegetables during the winter!

Roasted Cauliflower and Leeks

Needing to get in more vegetables? Try this roasted cauliflower and leeks recipe. With three ingredients – and salt and pepper – this is a simple and fast side dish for dinner. You can also add bell peppers or carrots for a pop of color and texture!

Broccoli Cheddar Bake

Casseroles aren’t just good for dinner! Make this filling broccoli cheddar bake for a warm breakfast. Quickly whisk together eggs, broccoli, onions, and cheese before baking for 45 minutes. Serve this for brunch or make the night before and reheat for breakfast.

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