Spinning Spring and Summer Salads

Spring and summer are salad seasons. Now is the time to get ready to toss some light and fresh meals together. Making a salad does not have to be serious for it to taste sensational. A simple formula makes it a breeze for kids and adults to become super salad scientists. The only rule of salad spinning is to add what you love to eat. This means you probably will not have to go out of your way to gather ingredients – they may already be inside your refrigerator or pantry! You can throw a salad together with anything but the kitchen sink. First refresh your memory on how to eyeball proper portion sizes by rereading our past post. Then just follow these guidelines for amounts of each type of ingredient to help strike the most delicious balance in your bowl:

  • For the base of a salad to feed one adult as a meal:
    • 4 cups of greens like baby romaine lettuce or spinach (fresh herbs count, too!)
    • 1-2 cups of cooked grain like whole grain pasta or quinoa
  • To mix in:
    • 1 portion of protein like chopped nuts, cooked beans from last night’s dinner, or a hardboiled egg from breakfast
    • 3-4 portions of different colored veggies like tomatoes, grapes, cooked corn, sliced carrots, olives, chopped cucumber, raw broccoli florets
  • To top:
    • 1 portion or small drizzle of homemade dressing like a light vinaigrette made with olive oil and vinegar or squeeze of lemon juice

The simplest way to make your salad sing is to use fruits and veggies that are in season now. Fresh tomatoes, berries, and other delicious salad additions actually taste best when you do not mess around with them. So go ahead and toss them halved or whole into your bowl for an instant boost of flavor, color, and nutrition.

If you decide you do want to follow a recipe in creating your masterpiece, get inspired by taking a look at Healthy Family Fun’s collection of quick and tasty recipes that the whole family will enjoy. A great place to start is with one of our favorite recipes, the Golden Glow Pineapple Salad. Yum!

Enjoy creating your edible masterpiece and let us know what you come up with over the spring and summer.

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