Health Center Spotlight: Bowdoin Street Health Center

Bowdoin Street Health Center is our #HealthCenterSpotlight of the month! Founded in 1972, this Kohl’s-funded health center has taken care of the community for almost fifty years.

Bowdoin Street offers a variety of fitness sessions and food access activities. In a section named the Wellness Center, the organization holds different fitness classes for both kids and families. Outside of class, community residents can use the two well-equipped exercise rooms or the indoor tennis court.  In the summer, families can sign up for walking groups and other physically active programs.

The Wellness Center has its own community garden, with food grown by children under the Healthy Champions Community Gardening program. The Center has also partnered with OldWays for a series of heritage-based cooking classes. During the holiday season, Bowdoin Street hosts multiple cooking workshops for community members. The Center gives out Bowdoin Bucks vouchers, discounting food and produce from a local farmers’ market, Fresh Truck visits, and Daily Table Grocery. Don’t miss out on their yearly Health and Wellness Fair, usually held in August. 

Besides fitness engagement and food access activities, Bowdoin Street Health Center provides clinical services, physical therapy, family planning, and nutrition services. Counselors help with mental health, at-risk adolescent cases, and HIV services.

For more information about their different services, events, and activities, visit their website at

Address: 230 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester, MA 02122; Bowdoin St @ Hamilton St stop next door to the health center.

Timings: Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm; Fridays 8am-5pm; some Saturdays from 9am-1pm.  

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