Have a healthy and fun Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is all about family, fun, and food! To avoid that too full, stuffed feeling that can come after you’ve indulged in a bit too much turkey and, well, stuffing, try adding some activities to the day that the whole family can join.

  • Try out a family “Turkey Trot!” There are runs all over Boston on Thanksgiving and they’re a great way for getting outside and getting some exercise before settling in to eat a delicious meal with your family. There’s a 5K in beautiful Franklin Park!
  • Take a break from the football on TV, maybe during halftime, and play a quick game of touch football outside or at a nearby park!
  • Try a Thanksgiving version of an Easter egg hunt with fall vegetables like mini pumpkins and apples! This can be played inside or outside. Make sure the “hunters” cover their eyes while these are hidden!
  • Give the younger kids a craft to keep them busy while adults are putting the final touches on the meal. Have them make place cards for the table or have a turkey drawing contest! Or put down paper as a table cloth at the kids’ table and let them draw during the meal.
  • Take a family walk after the meal to digest all of that amazing food (and make some space for dessert!). Try out these great walking games.

Check out some more tips on how to have a filling, and healthy, Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!


(Image courtesy of Parents.com)

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