Celebrate National Great Outdoors Month

In 2011, President Obama made his official proclamation that June is National Great Outdoors Month. That means it is time to open the windows, open the door, and open your eyes to the green and bright natural world right outside your home. Boston is ready-made for the outdoorsy types as well as those who would not normally hear the call of the wild. The nature buffs in your family might want to get set to go on an adventure in Boston’s great outdoors with resources here or get inspired by Appalachian Mountain Club’s expert tips for 10 outdoor activities your kids will love. A great place to start is with a walk in the park or on a path in the woods nearest your home. Try exploring the Arnold Arboretum, Franklin Park, Rose Kennedy Greenway, or any of the other wonderful green spaces we have featured in past posts.

Looking for an outing with a little more structure? Finding an event held outdoors counts, too! Since this is the first weekend of Great Outdoors Month and the forecast looks glorious, go ahead and take this opportunity to get into the groove of going outside to enjoy some family fun. There is so much going on between June 6th and 8th in Boston. In fact this Saturday is National Trails Day and Franklin Park is celebrating with a volunteer event where park lovers like you can pitch in and help get those spring weeds out of the park’s beautiful 200 acres.

Want to be by the water instead? Check out the 35th Cambridge River Arts Festival offering tons of artistic activities and games for all ages from 12-6pm on Saturday in the heart of Central Square (Massachusetts Avenue and Sidney Street) followed by a gathering on the banks of the Charles River. Then on Sunday, head down to Jamaica Pond where the Boston Parks and Recreation Department´s ParkSCIENCE program will hosting a children´s science festival from 1-3pm.

Walking, playing, and exploring the outdoors in the fresh air can be pretty relaxing. So after a weekend of walking, playing, and more in your city, plan to keep your good mood going through Thursday with a FREE yoga class by the Boston Frog Pond. As long as the summer sun is shining, this outdoor yoga series will be held on Thursdays at 6pm. Bring your mat or enjoy your poses right on the grass.

No matter your activity, enjoy soaking up the sunshine this weekend and this entire month. It is going to be a beautiful one.


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