Community Spotlight: Boston Children’s Museum

Last year Boston Children’s Museum celebrated its 100th birthday and it only keeps getting better with time. This well-loved museum for children of all ages (yes, that includes adults, too!) was just voted one of the country’s 15 best travel spots for kids. We can see why. This is the museum that started the trend of encouraging visitors to interact with exhibits through a hands-on design back in the 1960s. Today, the museum has 20 current exhibits including an art studio, construction zone, and KidStage for theater performances plus a permanent collection of over 50,000 items specifically tailored to getting kids interested in art, science, and history. Luck us that the Boston Children’s Museum happens to live just around the corner in South Boston. If your family has never visited, or just hasn’t dropped by the museum in a while, today is the perfect time for a visit since admission is always only $1 on Friday evenings (5-9pm)! Then next week, celebrate “Brain Building Week” with playful programs at the museum. Play programs will be going on all week from April 5-12th to give kids and their families the chance to explore the exhibits while learning actively. You’re invited to join a walking story hour, climb a rock wall, play basketball, practice kid-friendly breathing and relaxation, and enjoy even more of the week’s fun opportunities to play and learn all together as a family. After your visit, share your favorite part of the museum with the Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program by posting your pictures and tips on our Facebook page and to the museum’s visitor photo album.

(Image source: Wikimedia)


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