Family beach fun

We still several weeks of summer left, if you haven’t had a chance to go to the beach yet this summer, you still have some time!

Here are some game suggestions to maximize your family beach time!

  • Channel Race— This beach game works best if there is a slight slope leading to the water. You will need as many ping pong balls as there are teams.  Each team digs a channel from the starting point to the water. At the starting line, the teams set a ping pong ball into the channel, then dump buckets of water into the channel so that the ball moves down to the water. The longer the channel, the louder and more frantic the race becomes.
  • Beach Ball Balancing Act— This beach ball game is fun for all ages and is easy to play. You need one inflatable beach ball for every team of two players. The players try to carry the ball across a finish line without using their hands. The ball can be balanced between their heads, pressed between their backs while walking backwards or set between their stomachs and crab-walked to the end.
  • Beach Scavenger Hunt – Print out this list and race to see who can find everything first.
  • Beach Skee-Ball – Recreate everyone’s favorite arcade game at the beach. Just dig holes, an “alley,” and get rolling.

Don’t forget the classics, like a sandcastle (or sand sculpture) building contest, a crab walk race, or shell and rock collecting.

Need some beach suggestions? Check out our lists here and here! Don’t forget, you can head out to the Boston Harbor Islands and explore the beaches there as well. Spectacle Island is especially great for swimming!

And, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen and take an umbrella so you can take breaks from the sun!


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