Four ways to have a candy-free Halloween!

It’s the spookiest, creepiest time of year: Halloween! Over the next week, Boston slowly transforms into one giant haunted city, as witches, ghosts, and goblins fill the streets and shadowy jack-o-lanterns appear on every stoop. But, if your kids are like many kids, their favorite part of Halloween isn’t the spooky decorations—it’s the candy.

Trick-or-treating is a beloved Halloween tradition. It’s great for promoting neighborhood unity and increasing social ties across communities. Trick-or-treating also requires walking from house to house, which means we can get in some exercise, too.

Unfortunately, trick-or-treating usually involves mountains of candy and sweets. All that sugar isn’t healthy, especially in large amounts. But believe it or not, trick-or-treating can still be fun even with healthier alternatives to candy, or no candy at all! Check out the list below for our favorite non-candy alternatives to make Halloween a little healthier:

  1. Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns
    Fruit is a great alternative to candy for satisfying your kids’ sweet tooth. Buy a bag of clementines or oranges and draw pumpkin faces with black sharpie on the peel.
  1. Stickers or temporary tattoos
    Stickers and temporary tattoos are affordable and fun! To make sure you have enough for all the kids that stop by, cut each sticker or tattoo sheet in half or quarters. They’ll have a blast sticking the stickers on each other as they go from house to house! For the temporary tattoos, you can have a tattoo applying station, too!
  1. Halloween party favors
    Head to your nearest party store or dollar store and grab a bunch of Halloween-themed party favors. Party hats, noisemakers, spider rings, and bouncy balls are great options. Kids can play with them right away, so they’re sure to enjoy them!
  1. Erasers and pencil toppers
    Find some Halloween erasers and pencil toppers to give kids something that’s fun and useful.

These are some of our favorite alternatives, but there are plenty more to explore!

Your kids are bound to end up with some candy, so make sure to keep an eye on how much candy they eat on Halloween, and each day after. Many schools allow you to donate unwanted candy, so if you’ve got too much on your hands, ask if your kid’s school is doing a candy collection. Allowing children to have a couple pieces after dinner, for example, can also help you and your kids space out the candy they eat.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!


Photo courtesy of My Fit Family 

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