Keep your children healthy with the right amount of sleep

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The time change this past weekend may have left you and your family feeling a little groggy. You’ve probably noticed a difference in your child’s energy level and mood this week, too.

Sleep is important for kids every day of the year. It helps children stay focused and energized in school, and it also helps maintain their overall health. Here are some general tips for helping your kids stay rested!

  • First, find out how much sleep your child needs. The time can vary greatly depending on your child’s age and their individual needs.  Check out this chart from Children’s Hospital Boston to find a good estimate for how much sleep your child needs each night.
  • Set a bedtime for your child, and stick to it!
  • Create a bedtime ritual for your child to follow each night. This includes creating a wind-down period before bed where kids enjoy more relaxed activities such as taking a bath or reading a book.
  • Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Televisions, cell phones, video games, and computers can harm your child’s sleep patterns.
  • The week following a time-change can be especially hard for kids, so try to keep a relaxed schedule to allow them to catch up on rest.

Interested in more tips and information on childhood and adolescent sleep? Check out the National Sleep Foundation’s website for some great resources. And learn more about why it’s especially important to make sure your teen gets enough sleep on the Children’s Hospital Thriving blog.

How did your family adjust to the time change? Share your family’s tips in the comments section below!

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