Snow Day Fun!

With winter in full swing, you know the kids are eagerly are waiting for a snow day from school! Of course, the classic snow day activities are making snow angels, building snowmen, and maybe sledding nearby. But with an entire day free, the kids might find themselves running out of activities. Not to worry – we’ve got three easy twists on fun, commonly played activities. So bundle up on your next snow day and try these games with the kids!

Snow Painting

Let the kids’ creativity soar with snow painting. This fun arts activity will get everyone outside in the fresh air – a great way to spend family time together! For the paint, you can use a few drops of food coloring with 2 cups of cold water. Diluted washable paint also works. You only really need red, blue, and yellow colors – let the kids experiment and make new colors!  Kids can paint the snow with plastic bowls and paintbrushes. For less mess, fill old spray bottles with cold water and food coloring/washable paint.

Footprint Tag

This winter-inspired version of the classic schoolyard game is sure to get everyone moving! Play tag, but kids can only step on already made footprints! To start playing, select one person to be “it.” They then run after the other players and tag them so they can become “it.” If anyone is caught stepping outside of another footprint, they are automatically “it.” Tip: This game is more fun with heavier snowfall! You can also allow whoever is “it” to tag people by throwing snowballs.

Rope Tow

Take advantage of the slippery soft snow and play tug of war! Get the kids to dig a small trench or spray colored water in the snow; this can be used as a mid-line. Grab a long rope or old sheet and start pulling! Whichever team pulls the other team over the mid-line wins. Tip: Let the kids plan a winter Olympics and have this be the final activity!

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