The scientific 7-minute workout

Did you know that just 7 minutes of hard work a day can have a huge benefit? Scientists and physical trainers agree that regular high intensity interval training (HIIT) can boost cardiovascular endurance and muscle development as much or more than long sessions of strength training or cardio. HIIT means working your muscles at a high intensity (an 8 or more on a 1-10 scale of how hard you can work your body) in powerful bursts of 30 seconds of effort with just a 10 second breather in between. In the latest version of HIIT, the scientific 7-minute workout routine, you are invited to try each of the 12 exercises in the inforgraphic below for 30 seconds each with a 10 second rest in between. Remember, the key is to work as hard as you can for each 30-second interval of work. Your effort will pay off, if you give it your all.



















The best part is that there is no special equipment needed for the workout’s 12 exercises, just a chair, a wall, and the floor. Plus, time is not an issue with only 7 minutes required to finish the entire workout. But keeping time can distract some people from focusing on doing the series of exercises, so many apps and videos have been developed to help guide you along. Try this really simple timer that counts down the seconds for you. Or download the 7-minute workout app (shown in the featured image above this post) that shares videos of how to do each exercise in the series. For more information about HIIT, reread our post from last year “No time? No excuse! Even short workouts add up.


(Featured image courtesy of Digital Inspiration)

(Infographic courtesy of Well Blog NYTimes)


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