Three ways to keep off holiday weight

All throughout the year, we’ve given you tips on how to keep you and your kids healthy and fit. We’ve written about maintaining physical activity, like biking around Boston and indoor activity ideas. We’ve also posted a lot of nutrition-related advice, like reducing salt consumption and foods that improve your immune system. A quick scroll through the archive of our blog proves what we all already know: when it comes to maintaining your health, there’s a lot to keep track of!

Unfortunately, for most people—adults and kids alike—the holiday season tends to undo a lot of our hard work and effort. We tend to decrease our physical activity as temperatures drop; holiday schedules also interrupt our typical routines, which can limit the amount of free time we have for exercise. On top of that, we tend to eat more unhealthily as we attend gatherings with family and friends.

To help you stay fit during the holidays, we compiled a list of easy things you can do to help keep off the holiday weight. We wrote about some tips on managing how much you eat during Thanksgiving—these all still apply! To add to that, here are some tips for you and your kids on how to maintain physical activity:

  • Schedule your exercise: If you plan ahead, you’re more likely to follow through. Pick an easy and accessible activity—like walking or running—so that you and your kids don’t have to go out of your way. We recommend scheduling time before a holiday party or big meal.
  • Play outside in the snow: Luckily, kids aren’t as sensitive to temperature changes as adults are. In fact, most kids love playing outside in the snow. Have a friendly snowball fight in your backyard or local park, build a snowman or two, or even make a bunch of snow angels together. All of these activities are fun and don’t feel like exercise, but will keep you and your kids moving!
  • Involve your kids in yard work: Shoveling snow and raking leaves are great physical activities that increase your heart rate, and don’t require leaving your home. If you want, you can challenge your kids to see who can shovel or rake faster to keep them engaged!


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