How to make New Year’s resolutions stick

The end of the year is often marked by celebrations filled with family, friends, and food! In between the holiday celebrations, we hope you have a chance to look back and reflect on a year’s worth of memories, milestones, and—in particular—those family fun New Year’s resolutions you made nearly 12 months ago.

New Year’s resolutions often have a bad reputation because most people don’t follow through. In fact, research has shown that only 30-40% of resolutions are on track after six months.

Regardless of your past success, we still think resolutions are a great way to set goals and keep you and your kids motivated—particularly for health and wellness ambitions. It’s great to set goals as individuals and as a family. To help you and your family, here are some tips to give yourself the best shot at keeping up your resolutions across 2017.

First, figure out what your real motivation is—define the “why”. Why do you and your kids want to be healthier? For some, the “why” is about setting a good example for other kids and friends. Others just want to feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

Second, set defined goals that are action-oriented. Using precise numbers is a great way to keep yourself on track. And focus on an action you can take instead of focusing solely on your desired outcome. For example, if the goal is to lose weight, then your resolution should be to do a certain activity for 30 minutes, two or three times a week; or, reduce your soda habits to 1 or 2 cans per week. If your goal is to eat healthier, you can focus on eating leafy green vegetables every day at dinner, or clear your kitchen and pantry of junk food at the beginning of each month.

Third, pace yourself! It always feels good to reach a goal, and achieving a goal can be motivation to continue working at it. So start slow and small first—get those quick wins! The activity, time, and frequency should depend on what you think is realistic at first. Once you think you’re ready, then build up!

And remember, not all resolutions have to be large changes to your daily activities and habits. Keep it simple! Some of our favorite resolutions are as simple as being able to touch your toes or sleep an hour more each night. Good luck! And have fun!


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