Tips for Raising Active Girls!

Did you know that the more active your daughter is now, the more likely she is to be an active, healthy adult? Getting your daughter engaged in sports is important for several reasons. Girls in sports tend to have more confidence and less anxiety than girls who don’t participate in sports. Sports also teach kids the importance of teamwork, leadership, and independence.

Here are some tips for encouraging your daughter to get active in a new sport or stay active in the sport she already enjoys!

• Break down some of the barriers to playing sports. Help her learn the rules to different sports she might be interested in. Let her know it’s okay for girls to get dirty and sweat.

• Help her find a sport she really enjoys. If kids enjoy the sport, they’ll be more likely to stick with it. Check out this post ]about finding the right sport for your child.

• Find role models your daughter can look up to. Take her to women’s sporting events at your local university or high school. Help her find a biography or information on the Internet about famous women athletes.

• Don’t just tell her, but show her how to have fun with sports. Take her to a soccer field and kick the ball around. Sign up for a sports class together at your local community center.

•Give her encouragement. Smile when you watch her play. Tell her you’re proud of her.

Looking for a way to introduce your daughter to sports? Check out these local events and programs to get her started:

• Take your daughter to the All Girls Sports Festival held every spring in Boston. She can try out some sports and see other girls in action!
• Check out GoGirlGo’s Boston Challenge this Saturday, October 22. Your daughter can learn about sports programs, meet other athletes, and try her hand at new sports!
G-Row Boston provides girls the opportunity to learn to row and compete on the Charles Rivers.
• Check out your local YMCA and Boys and Girls Club for other opportunities such as the She’s Got Game program at the YMCA-Roxbury. For more resources and tips on getting your daughter active, check out the GoGirlGo Parents’ Guide. Do you have tips to share with other parents? Leave a comment below!

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