You Don’t Have to Be an Olympian to Reap the Benefits of Playing Sports

Every four years, the Summer Olympics inspire people all over the world to dust off their running and wonder, do I have what it takes?

At the Olympic Games, we see the world’s greatest athletes compete to be the best of the best. But playing sports is about more than being the best. Joining a sports team can foster teambuilding, increase fitness, build friendships and improve health. As this video reminds us, greatness can exist in all of us, even if we don’t have medals to prove it.


A study recently found that children who play three or more sports are less likely to be overweight or obese compared with children who do not play sports. The study’s author said, “If parents are truly interested in preventing overweight and obesity, getting their kids to join one or more sports teams may be an effective way to do that.”

Remember that your child doesn’t have to look or play like a future Olympian to benefit from playing sports! To help you child find his or her greatness, talk to your school about which sports are offered during the school year and visit the Healthy Family Fun database to learn about opportunities to join sports leagues throughout the city. Just enter your neighborhood and select ‘Sports & Sports Leagues’ to get started!


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