The Henriquez Family

Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program promotes fun, low-cost, family-oriented activities and neighborhood resources that make it easier for families to get active and stay active.

On a recent beautiful summer evening, the Henriquez family allowed us to join them on one of their evening walks through Moakley Park, a major center of outdoor activity in Dorchester. Moakley Park is one of the favorite places in Dorchester where the whole family, including the family’s energetic Chihuahua, makes outdoor activities a priority. Mom, Cynthia, Dad, Carlos, Sr., and their three children all love to walk, bike, run and play at the park which is located along the lovely Carson beach shoreline of Dorchester Bay. Its sports center, playground, and athletic fields are all connected by the 2.6 mile Strandway (or William J. Day Boulevard) to the L Street Beach, Pleasure Bay, and Castle Island.

When they are not at Moakley Park, the Henriquez family takes full advantage of the other community hot-spots for family fun in Dorchester and Roxbury, including the Dorchester Boys & Girls Club as well as the Mason community pool. Swimming is a favorite family activity, especially at the kids’ local swim class taught by their uncle, and in the ocean on the weekends they spend in Maine. While they all clearly motivate each other to get up and active, each one of the Henriquez children has their own favorite way of enjoying time outside when they are not attending school.  All three kids attend the Boston Public Schools.

9 year-old Sofia has always been drawn towards activities where she can have fun being flexible like with her gymnastics classes at the Boys & Girls Club and ballet classes at Boston Ballet. Her 5-year old sister, Camila, is a talented performer – her smile shines brightest when she is singing and dancing with her family. She is becoming a great athlete, too – she is already riding her bike without training wheels. The girls’ 7 year-old brother, Carlos, Jr. plays his fair share of sports. While the sport he loves most is basketball, Carlos, Jr. keeps busy all through the year with field hockey and soccer. Just this summer, Cynthia taught Carlos, Jr. how to kayak and he is already teaching his friends how to do it, too.

These happy and energetic kids take after their parents. Cynthia is getting back into running since her time spent on the track team when she was a student in Mexico. She and Carlos commute to work together on foot or by motorcycle everyday to get in some quality time together out in the sunshine. No matter what activity they are doing, the whole Henriquez family’s love of spending as much time together as possible shines through.

Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program would like to thank the Henriquez family for sharing their story and being an inspiration to others. They are a model of enjoying time together as a family.

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  1. Ana Luisa says:

    Hermosa y sana familia…FELICIDADES!!… un ejemplo a seguir.

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