Build-a-Garden Program Brings Fresh Vegetables to Upham’s Corner

If you live in Dorchester or visit Upham’s Corner, you may have noticed a new garden filled with fresh vegetables at 415 Columbia Road. Thanks to the Food Project, urban gardens are becoming more and more common in Boston neighborhoods!

The Upham’s Corner Health Center worked with the Food Project’s “Build-a-Garden” Program to create a raised garden bed behind the health center.  The Food Project’s program gives community groups the opportunity to grow their own garden in urban areas.  Last July, the Food Project and the health center came together to build the garden bed and plant the seeds. The past winter’s snow and cold temperatures allowed for lots of vegetable growth in the garden this spring and summer!

So what happens when the vegetables are ready? Many of this year’s crops have been used for Fitness in the City’s cooking classes for parents and children. Some of the tasty vegetables the cooking classes have enjoyed to date include peas, green beans, spinach, turnips, and fresh herbs. As Bradley Gregory, a Pediatric Nutritionist for Upham’s Corner Health Center, explained, “It is important to give children a practical understanding of nutrition and not just tell them to ‘eat more vegetables’ without showing them the how’s and why’s.”

Want to show your children how fruits and vegetables grow? Check out the Food Project’s Youth Programs for your child or teen! Or learn how your group can get their very own garden through the Build-a-Garden Program. There is no better way to get your fill of vegetables than from your very own garden!



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