New year, new you, new food!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you all had a fun and safe new year’s celebration.

For most, the new year brings excitement and mystery of a “clean slate.” Even kids have a new quarter or semester at school to look forward to. As parents, why not add to that excitement by trying out some new recipes for your kids’ school lunch?

We recently added a bunch of new recipes to our site. The recipes are simple, healthy, and fun—in fact, you and your kids can spend some quality time together as you prep the meals as a team. These recipes will make tasty and healthy school lunches that your kids will be excited to eat!

In addition to spicing up your kids’ school lunches, cooking together has a lot of long-term benefits. Cooking is always a great life skill to build in kids early on. If kids learn to cook, they’re more likely to cook and eat at home which is a much healthier alternative to eating out. Cooking with your kids is also a great way to increase their connection to and appreciation of food, particularly the time and energy required in preparing a meal and where their food comes from. This appreciation can stick with them and develop across their lives!

Check out some of our favorite new recipes below!

Lemony turkey wrap: this wrap is a great way to use up holiday leftovers! It’s easy to make, pack up, and eat.

Saucy spaghetti: make a batch of this spaghetti for dinner and pack up the leftovers for lunches the next day. Spaghetti is a great to bring to school, as long as your kids don’t mind if it isn’t a hot meal.

Avocado and chickpea “smash”wich: try this healthy twist on a sandwich lunch. Kids will have tons of fun smashing up the avocado and chickpeas. It’s also a versatile recipe so you can add whatever veggies and toppings your kids enjoy!

On-the-go snack mix: mix and toss your favorite snack mix ingredients for a quick and easy mid-day snack. You can pack this in your lunch, or leave some at home for an afterschool snack.


Photo courtesy of Two Peas and their Pod

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