Sesame Street characters to market fresh produce

Parents tend to love to serve their family colorful and delicious fruits and vegetables. Kids however, do not always see the same appeal. Sweet and salty processed treats, including sugary drinks like sodas, are advertised to American children more than any other food items, making it tough for simple and fresh produce to compete. But if the television characters they love endorse fruits and vegetables, these important parts of a balanced diet might be easier for our children to swallow. That’s the bright, new idea behind the Partnership for a Healthier America’s new collaboration with the Produce Marketing Association and the Sesame Workshop.

Their agreement will allow grocery stores and other food suppliers to use images of the beloved Sesame Street Muppets to send positive messages about good-for-you foods for free for two years.  So starting in mid-2014, you will see Big Bird and his friends on fruits and vegetables as playful stickers and throughout the produce aisle along with lots of other fun design ideas. Get more details from the First Lady and a few of her pals who were visiting the White House from Sesame Street with this video of their announcement that the partnership to bring the Muppets to grocery stores will be a part of her Let’s Move! initiative to get kids interested in making great food choices.

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