Summer Family Dinners

We’ve heard many times about the benefits and importance of family dinners and we’ve talked about it before on the blog.  Family dinners mean lower obesity rates, better family connections, and cooking at home usually means healthier meals with less processed food. While our busy schedules can make it difficult to have a family dinner together every night, summertime offers a great opportunity to get creative with family dinners. The sun stays up much later, giving you more time to be outside, and when it gets too warm in the house, you can go outside to enjoy the summer breezes!

Try making a family picnic dinner with these recipes (look for foods you can eat without a lot of utensils and dishes)!

Check out your neighborhood for the closet parks with picnic tables. If there’s a playground nearby, even better! Then everyone can enjoy these long summer days after the meal. You can also get your kids involved in planning the meal to get them more excited about healthy eating and cooking.

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